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We specialize in the design of service and preventative maintenance packages that fit your unique system, team, and capabilities. All packages include a dedicated point of contact for the project execution along with tailored reporting that summarizes work performed, issues encountered, and recommendations for improvement.

Our packages can include:

  • Preventative maintenance routines customized to your equipment, including operational recommendations

  • Consumables change outs such as media, packing, filter

  • Process evaluation and optimization with potential utilization for waste heat recovery, consumption reduction, financial analysis and justification for OpEx reductions, and guidance on Best-Available-Technology (BAT)

  • Vibration analysis, inspection, laser alignment, and trim balancing

  • Spare parts inventory management

  • Turn-Key Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

  • On-site and remote training

  • Equipment manual quality control with expertise in functional specifications and updated maintenance procedures

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