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INDUSTRIOUS SERVICE GROUP was founded as an industrial project execution, maintenance, and repair company with a mission to SERVE EQUIPMENT PROVIDERS around the world with unparalleled service and expertise.


Our team includes more than 40 years of experience designing, installing, start-up and commissioning, and supporting air pollution control equipment in virtually every industry through the lifecycle of the system and more than 20 years of experience providing contract manufacturing for industrial equipment made of metal alloys.


We specialize in installing, commissioning, and servicing processes, designs, and equipment for:

  • Pollution abatement, including both wet and dry solutions

  • Waste-to-energy, including heat exchangers, ORC, boilers, etc.

  • Industrial ventilation and dehumidification processes

  • Pneumatic convey systems, including dilute and dense phase

  • Industrial fans

  • Ductwork, including dampers

  • Tanks and silos

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